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 "I have now watched your excellent 'Tares Among the Wheat' film four times.  I am fully convinced that both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are corrupted documents and I believe the evidence you present in your film overwhelmingly supports this fact.  I feel that this whole affair has been completely overlooked by most Christians which is a tragedy. I also think that staunch defenders of Sinaitucus and Vaticanus ... would have a very difficult time defending their claims against the evidence you provide in your film." -- Gareth Yendle, United Kingdom

The Berean Call Praises Hidden Faith Documentary

"TBC believes that The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers presents a perspective that is more historically accurate than the popular "Christian History" writers who in effect glorify the Constitution over God's Word and glamorize Washington, D.C. as a "Christian" capital." -- TBC Newsletter, 2012

"When I first encountered his film, I set out to prove that Pinto was wrong.  But after some investigation, I realized I couldn't, and neither could anybody else."  -- Brannon Howse of World View Weekend on "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers"



News and information mogul, and owner of the outwardly traditional-conservative
Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, compared his news corporation to the Jesuit Order, during
a speech at the Jesuit's Georgetown University.  The following article was posted by
Georgetown University's weekly magazine, The Georgetown Voice:



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I once watched a documentary about the Star Wars movies and their worldwide appeal. One of their guest speakers was Newt Ginrich. Newt compared the Jedi knights to the Jesuit Order during some of his comments within this show. Interestingly Newt declared himself to have changed his faith to Catholicism not to long after this documentary had been shown. I believe that he was always somehow associated with this faith anyway, but had gone public with it. It was around the same time that former prime minister of England Tony Blair supposively changed his faith to Catholicism as well. In time, I believe that this faith will have the worldwide appeal it seeks due to the continued scandels of many other so called Christian denominations. Another world war could also bring God into the forefront with the Catholic faith being in a position to comfort and embrace those who seek religion. With the rise of a false prophet performing signs and wonders the faith of the true saints of God will indeed be tested. Miracles seem to bring credibility to the one who performs them and the faith this individual represents. Remember our Redeemer indicated to many of those followed Him during His earthly ministry that they were only their because of the miracles. Not because their love for the One True God.
Sin blinds many during this age, and with a religion that will accept those who even practice sin this will appeal to many. Our brother Paul referred to it in his second letter to Timothy as a "form of godliness."

July 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSteve B.

I came across a documentary a couple weeks ago that kind of fits with this topic.
The first I ever watched Fox News was about 3 years ago at work. They put TVs in the break rooms and still today we are only allowed to watch Fox News, no other channels. My breaks consisted of Red Eye, Bill O'Reilly, and Fox & Ftriends. I couldn't stand watching it. It was the same topics day in and day out. And what confused me was the fact that they never reported on the news. All they would do is talk about things in the news, complain about Sarah Palin, end evry show talked about the same topic, as to grind their views into you.

Anyway, this documentary basically tries to convey the same thoughts on Fox News that I got from watching it. It's called "OUTFOXED : Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism."

July 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterForest

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