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 "I have now watched your excellent 'Tares Among the Wheat' film four times.  I am fully convinced that both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are corrupted documents and I believe the evidence you present in your film overwhelmingly supports this fact.  I feel that this whole affair has been completely overlooked by most Christians which is a tragedy. I also think that staunch defenders of Sinaitucus and Vaticanus ... would have a very difficult time defending their claims against the evidence you provide in your film." -- Gareth Yendle, United Kingdom

The Berean Call Praises Hidden Faith Documentary

"TBC believes that The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers presents a perspective that is more historically accurate than the popular "Christian History" writers who in effect glorify the Constitution over God's Word and glamorize Washington, D.C. as a "Christian" capital." -- TBC Newsletter, 2012

"When I first encountered his film, I set out to prove that Pinto was wrong.  But after some investigation, I realized I couldn't, and neither could anybody else."  -- Brannon Howse of World View Weekend on "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers"

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Today's Show: THE LAWS OF GOD VS. LAWS OF MAN - 7.28.2014

Chris discusses the principles believed by Christian people for the past 2000 years where the concept of liberty is concerned, along with accountability before God and the governments of men.  What is the Biblical view?  Furthermore, how were the laws of God vs. man made ideas instrumental to the Protestant Reformation?  And how did these concepts lead to the founding of America?  This is an important discussion for believers as we see the world around us becoming increasingly hostile to the commandments of God.


Today's Show: AMERICA: PART TWO - 7.25.2014

Chris continues his review of the new film by Dinesh D'Souza.  Also discussed is several emails from listeners, addressing the history of Christianity in America -- when did our country begin to turn away from the Ten Commandments?


Today's Show: AMERICA: THE MOVIE - 7.23.2014

Chris reviews the new film by Dinesh D'Souza on the history of America and its radical shift to the left under the presidency of Barack Obama.  The film confronts important issues concerning racism, the conflict with American Indians, the Civil War and the rise of Socialism in the United States. 


Today's Show: BISHOP TONY PALMER DIES - 7.22.2014

Chris discusses the stunning new development as it is reported that Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer has died as the result of a motorcycle accident in the U.K.  Palmer was the man who earlier this year announced the end of Martin Luther's "protest" against the false gospel of Rome at Kenneth Copeland's church in Texas.  Also discussed is the recent executive order from President Barack Obama that will force employers to hire members of the LGBT community, regardless of conscience and religious freedom.  Obama specifically rejected pleas for a religious exemption, insisting that his decision advances "equality" in our country.


Today's Show: ALL THINGS IN CHRIST - 7.21.2014

Chris continues his study of Revelation chapter four, pressing on into the vision that John was given to deliver to the churches.  We learn about Him who sat on the throne in heaven, along with the four and twenty elders who worship, casting their crowns at His feet.


Today's Show: REVELATION CHAPTER FOUR - 7.17.2014

Chris continues his study of the Book of Revelation, moving on to chapter four, while explaining the various views of prophecy throughout history.  What did the Church believe about prophecy prior to the 19th century?  What is are the differences between Historicism, Preterism and Futurism?


Today's Show: OBAMA APPOINTS JESUIT PRIEST - 7.16.2014

President Barack Obama has appointed a well known Jesuit priest, Thomas J. Reese, S.J. to the Commission on International Religious Freedom.  It was Reese who, in 2011, informed the world of Pope Benedict's Marxist leanings, saying the pontiff supported the Occupy Wall Street protestors and was politically to the "left" of both Obama and Nancy Pelosi.   Reese will serve alongside three fellow Roman Catholics who already serve on the commission.  Also discussed are recent comments by Pope Francis on the flood of illegal immigrant children.  The Pope is calling for America to embrace them with open arms, and to avoid racism and "xenophobic attitudes."  But could this have something to do with the fact that 90% of these illegals are said to be Catholic?



This past fourth of July, Vice President Joe Biden used the occasion while giving a speech in Philadelphia to promote "gay marriage," saying that it fulfills the Declaration of Independence.  Biden went on to say that the gay marriage debate was the new civil rights movement.  But is his view historically accurate?  Or is this a ploy to promote the gay agenda?


Today's Show: THE NEW DARK AGE - 7.14.2014

Chris discusses the potential of a new dark age in the United States, as more and more churches turn away from the Scriptures and embrace man made teachings.  The gay marriage issue continues to progress, and it is reported that more and more evangelicals embrace the practice.  Moreover, a growing number of professing believers claim that the words of Scripture are not enough to convince them otherwise.  Yet history tells us that the original meaning of the "dark age" was when the established Church rejected the Bible in favor of man-made doctrines and teachings.  As professing believers turn away from the Word of God, is a new dark age on the horizon?


Today's Show: THE FIVE SOLAS - 7.13.2014

Chris follows up his discussion on the faith of Protestant Christianity, going over the details of how the five solas are understood.  What is meant by Scripture alone?  And why is this principle so important for understanding the other components of the way of salvation?


Today's Show: WHAT DO PROTESTANTS BELIEVE? - 7.12.2014

Chris gives an overview of the history of Protestantism and how it is defined through the perspective of pre-20th century historians.  Because there are so many Protestant denominations, especially those that increasingly abandon the word "Protestant" in favor of "Evangelical," it is worth considering how Protestant belief has been understood in centuries past.  Also discussed are the Five Solas and why they are an important part of understanding the Gospel in the midst of so many historic teachings and doctrinal debates.


Today's Show: THE CHURCH AT LAODICEA - 7.7.2014

Chris continues his study of the Book of Revelation, this time focusing on the Lord's message to the Laodicean church, known for its "lukewarm" disposition.  Jesus said they had put their confidence in the fact that they had "increased with goods" and hence believed they had need of nothing.  Is this church a warning for believers in America?



Chris discusses a recent story about Pope Francis and his statement that Communism has stolen the flag of Christianity.  While his comments appear to rebuke the Communists, he also gives the impression that Communists might be "Christians" because of their view of the poor.  Also discussed is an article from a Russian perspective on how Capitalism is dying in the U.S., while Burger King has released a new "Proud Whopper" in honor of promoting homosexuality. 


Today's Show: THE GREAT HARLOT CHURCH - 7.2.2014

Chris follows up on the last program, discussing the visit of American Evangelicals with the Pope in Rome.  A number of key figures were from the World Evangelical Alliance, a group that openly admits it connections to the United Nations, the G-8 and World Bank.  Since announcing that the "protest" of the Reformation is over, it is now argued that Evangelicals can become "Catholics" again -- and the unity that Christ prayed for in John 17:21 is cited as the reason why.  But was the Lord praying for unity with apostates and pagans?  And if so, then why did Jesus tell us that He came not to bring peace on earth, but rather, division? (Luke 12:51)


Today's Show: EVANGELICALS AT THE VATICAN - 6.30.2014

It was recently reported that Texas evangelicals, Kenneth Copeland and James Robison went to the Vatican in Rome to meet with Pope Francis.  Ecumenical activist and personal friend of the pope, Tony Palmer, was on hand to translate during the meeting.  Months earlier,  Palmer presented a video taped message at Copeland's church in Texas, announcing that the Protestant Reformation was over, and that "Protestants" no longer existed.  What were they then, but Catholics? Palmer announced, reassuring his evangelical audience that Rome and Protestants now believe the same thing about salvation.  But is this the case? 



The State Department now hosts an annual "Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies Pride Day" as part of the Obama administration's radical advancement of homosexuality in the United States.  Earlier this month, Secretary of State John Kerry introduced one of its speakers -- LGBT activist, Masha Gessen -- as "an extraordinary human rights defender."  Yet two years earlier, Ms. Gessen gave a speech in which she openly stated that the aim of the homosexual marriage agenda is not really to legalize gay marriage, but to destroy the institution of marriage entirely.


Today's Show: THE CHURCH AT PHILADELPHIA - 6.27.2014

Chris continues his study of the Book of Revelation and the letters to the seven churches.  Next is the Lord's message to the Church at Philadelphia, one of two churches that was found faithful and received no rebuke.  Jesus mentioned those who were of the "synagogue of Satan," but who did He mean?  He also promised to keep the Philadelphian church from the "hour of temptation" that would come upon all the world.  But how is this to be understood?  Was this just a promise for believers in the first century, or does it pertain to a greater understanding of the end times?


Today's Show: NICENE COUNCIL IN 2025 - 6.26.2014

Chris discusses a series of new stories on the ecumenical movement involving both the unification of various professing "Christian" groups, along with the joining of Christianity to both Islam and Judaism.  Pope Francis and the Orthodox Patriarch, Bartholomew I of Constantinople have set forth a plan for an ecumenical gathering at Nicea in the year 2025.  Also, the first church-mosque-synagogue has been planned in Germany.  It is currently called "The Berlin House of One," representing the ecumenical unity of the three beliefs that have shaped the history of Europe.  But what will be the prophetic end of these things?


Today's Show: THE CHURCH AT SARDIS - 6.24.2014

Chris continues his study of the Book of Revelation, pressing on to message for the Church at Sardis.  The Lord confronted this church saying they had a "name" but were "dead."  What did He mean, and how are the warnings for Sardis applicable to professing Christians in every generation?


Today's Show: THE CHURCH AT THYATIRA - 6.23.2014

Chris continues his study on the Book of Revelation, with the letter to the Church at Thyatira, a congregation known for its faithfulness and spiritual growth.  Yet their flaw was in failing to confront the false teachings of a woman named Jezebel, who seduced certain believers into idolatrous and immoral practices.  Jesus warned of the "depths of Satan" in the doctrine that was taught, but what did He mean? And how is this a warning for churches today?


Today's Show: EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE - 6.17.2014

Chris discusses Ephesians chapter four and the Apostle Paul's admonition that we "henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine ..."  How does this apply to the Church today, when certain new ideas are compromising the faith of Christ?  With the onslaught of the gay agenda, more and more professing believers are expressing their support for gay marriage.  But are they truly convicted?  Or giving in to a worldly teaching through cowardice and unbelief?  And what do the Scriptures say of these things?



Chris discusses a series of news items starting with the recent wave of illegal immigrant children that have come into the country.  When asked why they came in, they said they were told to do so through commercials on television.  Who broadcast these commercials?  Also discussed is the new terror group -- ISIS -- that has swept across Iraq, taking over the very cities that American soldiers fought and died for.  But where did this group come from?  And what is their true purpose?  Furthermore, it is widely reported that this group is particularly targeting Christians for persecution and murder.



Chris discusses a new development out of Denmark, which has just passed a law making it mandatory for all churches to conduct gay marriages, even though nearly one third of the country's priests have said they will refuse to carry out the ceremonies.  Could this be the next challenge for believers in the U.S.?  Also, the first transgender "priest" is scheduled to give a sermon this month at the National Cathedral in Washington.  What does the Scripture tell us about those who call evil good, and good evil?


Today's Show: ISLAM AT THE VATICAN - 6.10.2014

Chris discusses the recent ecumenical prayer meeting at the Vatican where Islamic prayer was heard for the first time in history.  Pope Francis invited the presidents of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority to pray for "peace" in the Middle East.  The controversial meeting comes on the heels of Joel Osteen's visit to the Vatican that was reportedly organized by the International Foundation "in an effort to encourage interfaith relations and ecumenism."  What is the greater spiritual symbolism of these events?  And how can we understand them through the lens of Bible prophecy? 


Today's Show: SMYRNA, PERGAMOS & SATAN'S SEAT - 6.9.14

Chris continues his study of the letters to the seven churches in Revelation.  The Lord spoke words of encouragement to the persecuted church at Smyrna, warning them of an impending trial as they would be assaulted by the devil.  He spoke of their poverty, yet told them they were rich.  Meanwhile, those of the church at Pergamos were said to dwell where "Satan's seat" was located.  What was the seat of Satan?  And does it have a history in the modern world? 


Today's Show: LGBT MONUMENTS IN AMERICA - 6.4.2014

Chris discusses the latest development in the homosexual movement that now involves the establishing of LGBT monuments in the U.S. to commemorate the history of gays in America.  The announcement was made outside an historic gay bar in New York that the National Park Service would now begin to add LGBT landmarks "into the narrative of American history."  The bar was the site of gay rioters in 1969 who protested laws against homosexuality.  Also discussed is the new forever stamp commissioned by President Obama to celebrate the memory of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay citizen to be elected to public office in San Francisco.  Obama had also given the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Milk's memory back in 2009.  But who was he, and what did he really represent? 


Today's Show: REVELATION CHAPTER TWO - 6.3.2014

Chris discusses the second chapter of John's Apocalypse and the message of our Lord to the Church at Ephesus.  The apostle Paul had warned the Ephesian elders of grievous wolves that would enter into the congregation, not sparing the flock.  Decades later, it appears that the believers there took this warning to heart -- and yet the Lord confronted them because they had left their first love.  How are we to understand this in the Church today?


Today's Show: REVELATION CHAPTER ONE - 6.2.2014

Chris discusses the Book of Revelation and its importance in terms of understanding both history and the world around us.  Why is the teaching of prophecy important to believers?  How is prophecy related to the preaching of the Gospel?  Some teachers believe that the Book of Revelation cannot be comprehended at the present time, and will only be understood during the final days -- but is this teaching Biblical? 



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- The sequel to "A Lamp in the Dark".

- “Tares Among the Wheat” will likely challenge what most scholars believe about Bible history, and the origins of the current wave of new translations that have flooded churches around the world.

-“Tares Among the Wheat” has been awarded the 2013 Telly Award for excellence in film and video production. “Tares” was specifically honored for the Historic Documentary category, and this award represents the sixth Telly for Adullam Films.


We give thanks and praise to God that He has seen fit to use our work to edify members of the body of Christ, and hope that any worldly acknowledgments will only encourage others to see the work, so that God may be glorified in all.

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