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 "I have now watched your excellent 'Tares Among the Wheat' film four times.  I am fully convinced that both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are corrupted documents and I believe the evidence you present in your film overwhelmingly supports this fact.  I feel that this whole affair has been completely overlooked by most Christians which is a tragedy. I also think that staunch defenders of Sinaitucus and Vaticanus ... would have a very difficult time defending their claims against the evidence you provide in your film." -- Gareth Yendle, United Kingdom

The Berean Call Praises Hidden Faith Documentary

"TBC believes that The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers presents a perspective that is more historically accurate than the popular "Christian History" writers who in effect glorify the Constitution over God's Word and glamorize Washington, D.C. as a "Christian" capital." -- TBC Newsletter, 2012

"When I first encountered his film, I set out to prove that Pinto was wrong.  But after some investigation, I realized I couldn't, and neither could anybody else."  -- Brannon Howse of World View Weekend on "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers"

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Today's Show: THE FEAR OF THE LORD - 03.27.2015

Chris discusses what the Scripture says about the fear of the Lord, and the many promises toward those who walk in the fear of God.  Also, what does the Scripture tell us about the fear of man?  The Scriptures give us many admonitions about how to overcome the fears of this present world, and grow in our learning to trust in Christ.


Today's Show: STALIN'S CHICKEN - 03.23.2015

Chris continues his discussion on the rise of Socialism in America, and the story of Joseph Stalin, who once stripped a chicken of its feathers to force it into a place of submission.  He reportedly did this as a picture of how to control the masses.  But as we see subversive movements gaining momentum in our land, what is the true cause?  Is it because the American people have turned away from God?


Today's Show: COMMUNISM IN THE U.S.A. - 03.18.2015

Chris discusses the book, "The Naked Communist" -- a 20th century publication that detailed the Communist desire to overtake the United States through a process of progressive subversion.  In 1963 the author published a list of 45 Communist goals for America, including the subversion of schools, manipulation of courts, cultural immorality, and the promotion of homosexual practices as "normal."  Could this the key to understanding our system today?


Today's Show: WINSTON CHURCHILL & SOCIALISM - 03.16.2015

Chris discusses one of the great leaders of the Second World War, Winston Churchill and his views on the influence of Socialism during the early part of the 20th century.  Socialism is a form of Marxism, and is the bridge philosophy between overthrowing a Capitalist society, and subjecting it to Communism.  With the rise of Socialism in America, the many quotes from Churchill on this topic are powerful reminders for our country today.


Today's Show: THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST - 03.11.2015

Chris discusses 1 Corinthians chapter 15 where the Apostle Paul sets forth the principle teachings of the Gospel.  Paul shows us the importance of recognizing the faith of Christ "according to the Scriptures" as it was from the beginning.


Today's Show: HOLOCAUST, GENOCIDE & THE REPUBLICAN 300 - 03.09.2015

Chris discusses several stories beginning with a list of dictators of the 20th century and the mass murders they were guilty of.  Also discussed is the recent report that some 300 Republicans (including former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani) have signed a petition urging the Supreme Court to rule in favor of homosexual marriage when they review the issue this coming April.  Could this be the end of the Republican party as we know it?


Today's Show: ALABAMA, GAY MARRIAGE & END TIMES - 03.05.2015

Chris discusses the recent decision by the Alabama Supreme Court to strike down the issuance of gay marriage licenses in the state, which stand contrary to Alabama law.  The decision has been declared an act of defiance against the ruling of a federal judge who attempted to overrule the state's gay marriage ban.  Now all eyes await the expected decision from the U.S. Supreme Court this coming April.  Also discussed is a recent article from a USA Today columnist who argues that gay marriage is a sign of the end times.  Jesus warned that as it was in the days of Lot (who dwelt in ancient Sodom), so would it be "when the Son of man is revealed." (Luke 17:28-30)


Today's Show: GIDEON VS. SPARTA - 03.02.2015

Chris discusses the popular film "300" about the ancient Spartans who defended their homeland against the Persian invasion, and died in the midst of battle.  Yet the Bible tells us about another company of 300 who went out against a far greater company -- those who were led by Gideon, one of the judges of ancient Israel.  What are the differences between them, and how can we learn from them today?


Today's Show: ISLAM, ANTICHRIST & THE REFORMATION - 02.25.2015

Chris discusses some of the current news on Islamic Jihad impacting the world today, as he reviews the history of Islam and how it was viewed by the Reformers.  What did men like Luther and Calvin believe about Islam?  And did the Reformers view the great terrors of the Turk as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?


Today's Show: THE SCOTTISH REFORMATION - 02.21.2015

Chris discusses some of the important history of the Scottish Reformation and how it impacts America in our time.  While the early American colonists followed the general teachings of the reformers, the influence of John Knox seems especially pertinent to the principles of opposing ungodly government.  Also discussed are the manipulations of Rome in Scotland today.  How does the Vatican's cultural agenda reflect what we see happening in the U.S.?


Today's Show: THE RULE OF THE WICKED - 02.17.2015

Chris discusses the Proverb which tells us: "Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness." (Prov. 25:5)  How does this apply to our country today?  Can America flourish with goodness while wicked leaders manipulate laws on behalf of depraved and evil agendas?  And is it according to the will of God that those who have unbiblical ideas of right and wrong be allowed to exercise authority in government?


Today's Show: THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT - 02.10.2015

Chris replies to the comments of a listener concerning states rights and the American Civil War.  Was Abraham Lincoln fighting against state's rights?  And how did things change as a result of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?  The 14th amendment was originally intended to grant citizenship to the freed slaves, and yet it has been used in modern times to promote everything from abortion to homosexual marriage.  In fact, the upcoming decision of the U.S. Supreme court this April will be focused on the interpretation of this particular amendment.


Today's Show: TILL HEAVEN & EARTH SHALL PASS - 02.06.2015

Chris discusses Matthew chapter 5 in light of recent events involving the persecution of Christians by the homosexual activists.  A recent decision has come against the owners of an Oregon bakery, who may be forced to pay $150,000 in damages to a lesbian couple for refusing to make their wedding cake.  The owners are a Christian couple who chose to obey their conscience toward God, rather than cooperate with openly immoral behavior.  Despite the clear protections of the U.S. Constitution concerning freedom of religion, we are now told by the courts that special protection laws for Sodomites override the First Amendment.  How should believers respond?



Chris discusses the story of Alabama Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore -- known for his conflict over the Ten Commandments years ago -- and his assertion that state governments have no responsibility to uphold the rulings in federal courts in favor of gay marriage.  Is it justifiable for a Christian judge to take a stand for the laws of God in our country?  The Scriptures specifically instruct the "judges of the earth" to "serve the Lord with fear" (Psalm 2:10-11).



Chris discusses the current controversy over the Islamic "no-go zones" that have made headlines recently, because of comments by Governor Bobby Jindal.  Incredibly, the left-wing media have been denying that these Muslim-controlled Shariah zones truly exist in parts of Europe, despite overwhelming evidence.  Also discussed is the book "Ecumenical Jihad" by Dr. Peter Kreeft, a professor at Boston College, a well known Jesuit institution.  Could Kreeft's opinions about Islam provide insight into what's happening today?


Today's Show: THE FOURTH BEAST OF DANIEL - 01.26.2015

Chris discusses end time prophecy and the teachings surrounding the fourth beast mentioned in the book of Daniel, and how we are told that the saints shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it unto the end (Dan. 7:26).  But what does this mean?  The Reformed view of prophecy generally held that the anti-Christian powers would not be overthrown all at once; but would be consumed gradually one century after another, and then finally destroyed at the Second Coming of Christ.  Can we find evidence of this in the pages of history?



Chris discusses several new stories concerning attacks against Christians over the issue of homosexual rights in both America and the U.K.  Those who seek to obey the commandments of God find themselves continually under assault by the intolerant Sodomite movement that is aimed at destroying Bible based values from our country. 



Chris discusses the most recent update on the gay marriage debate, as it has now been determined that the U.S. Supreme Court will finally decide the issue.  Many voices seem to predict that the decision will come down in favor of Sodomite unions, and against the traditional values of our once Bible based society.  But what does the Scripture say about a nation that forsakes the laws of God?


Today's Show: DEVOURING THE WHOLE EARTH - 01.15.2015

Chris discusses Daniel chapter 7 and the prophecy of the fourth beast that devours the whole earth.  Are we watching world events unfold in fulfillment of this prophecy even now?  And what are God's promises to those who put faith and trust in Him?


Today's Show: THE JUDGMENTS OF CHRIST - 01.12.2015

Chris discusses the concept of the "non-judgmental Jesus" who is preached by many on the political left, who argue that Jesus only preached love, compassion and acceptance toward others.  These are they who accuse Christians of being intolerant bigots for actually believing the commandments of God.  They have even claimed that Christians who believe the Bible fail to follow the example of Christ.  But what did Jesus really say about God's law, and keeping His commands? 


Today's Show: TERROR IN PARIS - 01.08.2014

Chris discusses the recent terror attack in Paris, as a satirical publication has been the target of Islamic Jihad.  Twelve people were brutally killed during the attack, as the Jihadists shouted "Allahu Akbar!" and declared that they had avenged the Prophet Muhammed.  In the aftermath, the media continues to reassure the public that this behavior only represents "extremists" and not Islam itself.  In response, some have argued that such a response is part of the Islamic doctrine of  Taquiyya -- the practice of deceiving enemies by feigning peace while working for war.  Could this be the case?


Today's Show: ISIS, JIHAD & THE HOLIDAYS - 01.05.2015

Chris discusses a series of stories pertaining to the global Islamic Jihad, including the report that some 200 Christian churches have been recently destroyed by terrorists.  Also discussed are some of the comments we received in response to our Christmas show.  In particular, how are the elements of the old Gentile world to be understood from a New Testament context?  What examples are we given by the apostles?  And how does this affect us today?


Today's Show: THE NEW YEAR AS NEW CREATURES - 01.01.2015

Chris discusses the end of 2014 and considers how, as we enter into the coming New Year, we ought to consider our purpose as new creatures in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).  While our nation seems to be immersed in many levels of apostasy and spiritual darkness, we are assured that God always causes us to triumph in Christ (2 Cor. 2:14).


Today's Show: THE SWORD OF CHRIST - 12.30.2014

Chris discusses Matthew chapter 10 where Jesus tells His followers that He came not to send peace upon the earth, but a sword (v.34).  Through modern ecumenical dialogue, believers are often compelled to make Christianity more acceptable to unbelievers; yet is this the purpose of the Gospel?  Or is it rather to proclaim the message of salvation, knowing that it will cause division among men, rather than unity?


Today's Show: THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS - 12.23.2014

Chris discusses the origins of the Christmas holiday, a topic of great controversy.  Is Christmas of Pagan origin?  Was it begun by the Roman Catholic Church to celebrate the Christ-mass?  Exactly what does the word "mass" mean?  Does the Book of Jeremiah warn about making Christmas trees?  Or were they originated by Martin Luther?  It is often argued that certain holiday practices are "idolatrous," which may be true in some cases.  But how can believers tell the difference between harmless traditions vs. man-made doctrines that should be shunned by the Church?


Today's Show: KING JOSIAH & AMERICA TODAY - 12.22.2014

Chris discusses the story of King Josiah's great reform in ancient Judah, and how he cast out all the idols from the house of the Lord, and tore down the houses of the Sodomites nearby.  Is this a picture for what needs to happen in American churches today?  Has the "house of the Lord" become corrupted through normalized idolatry and immorality?


Today's Show: ISLAM, JIHAD & REVELATION - 12.19.2014

Chris discusses the recent events involving acts of Islamic Jihad around the world that only seem to be getting worse.  But is there a prophetic connection in the pages of Scripture?  For many years, scholars have seen the rise of Islam foretold in Revelation chapter 9, when the fifth and sixth trumpets sound and the army of locusts is unleashed upon the earth.  Can this be the case?  And in what direction will God's unfolding history lead us next?  While we are warned of a time of great tribulation, we are also told that the time is coming in which the saints will possess the Kingdom (Daniel 7:18).


Today's Show: PSALMS OF ENCOURAGEMENT - 12.15.2014

Chris does a follow up on his earlier show discussing Psalms of Deliverance, now focusing on passages that deal specifically with encouraging a believer during troubled times.  At one point, the Scripture tells us that when King David was "greatly distressed" he "encouraged himself in the Lord his God" (1 Sam. 30:6).  The Book of Psalms provides wonderful insights for how we can do the same in our own walk of faith.



Chris discusses a new story about the city council in Lake Worth, Florida who opened their meeting with an invocation that included Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Krishna, Thor and Satan.  A number of the city's commissioners walked out on the invocation, which was carried out by a well known Atheist activist.  Are we witnessing the fulfillment of Scriptural warnings that the nations would all worship the dragon? (Revelation 13:4)



Chris continues his discussion about the Bible and the American war for independence, this time discussing the complaints of the American colonists against the king.  Did the colonies have Biblical grounds for separating from England?  Was the American Revolution justified?



Chris discusses what the Bible says about the concept of rebellion, in answer to an email about whether or not the American Revolution was justified.  The Scripture tells us that "rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft" (1Samuel 15:23), but exactly what does this mean?  Rebellion against who?  And under what circumstances?  Also discussed is the civil war that took place in ancient Israel in the days of Jeroboam.  Was this war justified, or was it in disobedience to the will of God? 


Today's Show: THE POPE PRAYS IN TURKISH MOSQUE - 12.3.2014

In the aftermath of an Islamic prayer meeting at the Washington National Cathedral, the latest advance in the cause of global ecumenism is the prayer of Pope Francis in the Blue Mosque of Istanbul. The Pope has also signed a joint declaration with the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, and there are apparently plans to celebrate the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation with the president emeritus of the World Lutheran Federation in 2017.



Chris discusses the book of 2 Kings and how the people of Samaria were taught to fear the Lord, and yet they also worshiped other gods.  The practice was adopted beginning in the time of Jeroboam and worsened as a result of the Assyrian captivity, when people from many other nations were sent to live in Samaria.  Could this be a picture of what has happened to America?


Today's Show: THE HISTORY OF THANKSGIVING - 11.24.2014

Chris discusses some of the history of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday surrounding the proclamation for the event given by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.  The practice of a day of Thanksgiving dates back to the Pilgrims and early colonies, but individual states kept the practice each in their own way, and at different times.  Yet it was during the American Civil War that President Lincoln chose to declare an official day for our nation to observe, and to give thanks and praise to God Almighty for His many blessings, and His mercy, in spite of our sins as a country.


Today's Show: PSALMS OF DELIVERANCE - 11.20.14

Chris discusses the book of Psalms and its many promises of deliverance for those who put faith in God.  While the Scripture tells us that in the world we will face many troubles (Psalm 34:19), yet the Lord promises to deliver His people from the hand of all their enemies, and from every trial. 



Chris discusses the first ever Muslim prayer ritual held inside the Washington D.C. National Cathedral.  The proceeding was interrupted by a Christian woman from Tennessee who began to cry out against the Muslims, telling them that the Church should be devoted to Jesus Christ, not Islam.  Does this mark the Islamic invasion of Christianity in America?



Chris discusses what was once called the Apostle Paul's "American Motto" which comes from Galatians chapter five: "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free."  Who today would believe that this verse of Scripture once defined the original concept of American liberty, and inspired a generation to fight the War of Independence?



Chris discusses the recent decision handed down by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on the issue of gay marriage bans.  The court upheld the right of four states (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio & Tennessee) to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and to ban sodomy based marriages.  Conservatives are celebrating victory, but now the decision will likely move to the U.S. Supreme Court.  If so, liberals are predicting that the issue of gay marriage could be decided once and for all, and they seem to expect the court to rule in their favor.   On the other hand, conservatives argue that the Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of individual states deciding the issue of marriage for themselves.


Today's Show: HUMAN RIGHTS: WHAT ARE THEY? - 11.6.2014

Chris discusses the concept of human rights and the U.S. Constitution.  With so many groups clawing for power in America (atheists, Muslims, gays, socialists, communists, etc.), each has their own idea of what constitutes a "right."  Is government funded birth control a woman's right?  What about government approved homosexual marriage?  Or Islamic halal food in the public schools?  Are these rights?  If so, what are the limits? Where do rights come from?  Our Declaration of Independence tells us that rights in America come from our Creator.  Because God does not change (Malachi 3:6), our rights cannot be taken away by any man, or any court.  Hence, they are "unalienable."  But does our country still believe this?


Today's Show: ELTON JOHN, THE POPE & FOX'S BOOK OF MARTYRS - 11.3.2014

Chris discusses the introduction of the 1833 edition of Fox's Book of Martyrs, in which is featured a warning to America about the influence of Rome in the United States.  Should such warnings be taken more seriously today?  Also discussed are recent comments from musician, Elton John about Pope Francis and his support for the gay community.  Praise for Pope Francis comes as he is presented as a reformer who has pushed for the acceptance of gays in the Catholic Church.  The Vatican's Synod on the Family recently concluded, and officially backed away from its original welcoming statements of gays into Catholicism.  It is now reported that the reason for this was because the statements "did not go far enough in emphasizing the church's welcome, respect, and value for gays and lesbians."


Today's Show: POPE SAYS EVOLUTION IS TRUE - 10.30.2014

Chris discusses a new story about Pope Francis who has now told the world that the big bang theory and Darwin's theory of evolution are true.  The Pope maintains that, apparently, God used evolution to accomplish the creation.  But is this possible in light of Scripture?  Could Adam and Eve have evolved from apes?  The truth is that evolution has a long history with the Jesuit Order, in particular, Teilhard de Chardin, the man known as the "father of the new age" and perhaps the greatest single influence behind the modern day ecumenical movement. 


Today's Show: THE ORIGINS OF HALLOWEEN - 10.28.2014

Chris discusses the beginnings of the upcoming Halloween celebration, in light of recent comments made by Kirk Cameron that Christians should celebrate the holiday.  Is this a Christian holiday?  How did it begin?  It is often asserted that it is related to All Saints Day, but if so, how did it come to be a celebration of witches, ghouls and goblins? 



Chris discusses a series of articles dealing with the early American view of homosexual behavior.  How would the framers of our Constitution feel about the issue of gay marriage, and the concept of gay rights?  A clear and sober examination of American law (prior to the post World War II era) shows that today's homosexual movement is nothing short of an alien value system entered into our society. 


Today's Show: HOUSTON, VATICAN, GAY MARRIAGE - 10.20.2014

Chris discusses a series of recent stories on the gay marriage controversy, including the subpoena of Houston area pastor's sermons by the openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker.  Also discussed is the latest attack against two Christians who own a wedding chapel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  They have now been threatened with jail and a $1000/day fine if they refuse to perform gay weddings.  Meanwhile, in Rome the Vatican has concluded its synod on the family, offering an initial "welcome" to homosexuals that was later amended to a more conservative tone.  But is this the beginning of a progression towards accepting gay marriage in the Roman Catholic Church?


Today's Show: GRACE & THE GOSPEL - 10.14.2014

Chris discusses Ephesians chapter 2 and what the Scripture says about the salvation of believers, and the condition of the unbelieving world.  It is common to suggest that if a person is good (as the world judges goodness), then they might just go to heaven, even if they don't know Christ.  But is this the case?  Does the Scripture in any way suggest that this might be possible?  The Apostle Paul provides us with a powerful and sobering answer, when discussing the condition of the Gentiles before they came to know the Gospel.


Today's Show: WARS & RUMORS OF WARS - 10.10.2014

Chris discusses current events in light of Matthew chapter 24 and the Lord's admonitions about the end times.  The Scripture tells us that whether we face wars or the rumors thereof, we should seek our consolation in the promises and reassurances of God.


Today's Show: THE FIRST AMENDMENT - 10.8.2014

Chris discusses the history of the first amendment, in light of a recent Supreme Court decision that is said to allow gay marriage to move forward in a number of states, while leaving the issue unresolved at a national level.   But at the heart of the matter is whether the U.S. Constitution is supposed to be viewed through the lens of Biblical teaching.  Was there ever a time when this was the case?  Incredibly, a series of commentaries from 19th century Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Story provide powerful insights to the subject at hand.  Story reveals what the original intention of the First Amendment was, and what it was not.



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