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 "I have now watched your excellent 'Tares Among the Wheat' film four times.  I am fully convinced that both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are corrupted documents and I believe the evidence you present in your film overwhelmingly supports this fact.  I feel that this whole affair has been completely overlooked by most Christians which is a tragedy. I also think that staunch defenders of Sinaitucus and Vaticanus ... would have a very difficult time defending their claims against the evidence you provide in your film." -- Gareth Yendle, United Kingdom

The Berean Call Praises Hidden Faith Documentary

"TBC believes that The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers presents a perspective that is more historically accurate than the popular "Christian History" writers who in effect glorify the Constitution over God's Word and glamorize Washington, D.C. as a "Christian" capital." -- TBC Newsletter, 2012

"When I first encountered his film, I set out to prove that Pinto was wrong.  But after some investigation, I realized I couldn't, and neither could anybody else."  -- Brannon Howse of World View Weekend on "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers"

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Chris discusses the various readings concerning Christ's purging of the Temple in ancient Jerusalem, and how the Lord drove the moneychangers from the House of God.  Some unbelieving critics argue that the difference between the Scriptural accounts demonstrates an inconsistency in the Biblical record, whereas faithful scholars recognize the clear difference between the first and second purging of the Temple.  Also discussed is the fact that the Jews asked Christ to show them a "sign" because of His actions.   He replied by making reference to His death and resurrection. 


Today's Show: GIDEON'S FLEECE - 4.15.2014

Chris continues his teaching on the story of Gideon, and how he sought the Lord for reassurance before going to battle against the ancient Midianites.  The story itself provides powerful insights for believers, and for our nation as a whole.  Even as the Israelites turned aside from the commandments of God, and worshiped idols -- is this a picture of what has happened to America?  Is repentance for our nation possible?  If so, we will surely find the means of obtaining God's help through the Holy Scriptures.  The story of Gideon also shows how God sometimes puts His people at a serious disadvantage so that when He grants them victory, His Name will be glorified.


Today's Show: GIDEON'S ARMY - 4.14.2014

 Chris discusses story of Gideon from the book of Judges, comparing the situation of the children of Israel with America today.  The people of God had rebelled against Him by worshiping other gods.  The Lord sent Gideon to destroy the altar of Baal first, and then sent him to defeat Israel's enemies.  The lesson seems to be that we cannot expect victory over our enemies unless we are willing to destroy the idols that keep us from being faithful to God. 


Today's Show: LUTHER & THE GATES OF HELL - 4.10.2014

 Chris discusses the recent story of a school stabbing, where a 16 year old is said to have gone running through the halls attacking his teachers and classmates with a knife.   The story is clear proof that "guns" are not the problem in our public schools, but rather, the evil that abides in the hearts of our young people.  Early educators were of the mind that to teach children knowledge without the fear of God would be catastrophic.  Martin Luther once warned that if the schools would not teach the Holy Scriptures, they would become wide gates to Hell itself.   Has his warning come to pass in America?


Today's Show: IF THE WORLD HATES YOU - 4.8.2014

 Chris discusses the admonition of the Lord Jesus who said: "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated Me before it hated you."  (John 15:18)  This Scripture seems to be appropriate in light of the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court which has now refused to hear the case of the photographers from New Mexico who declined to photograph a homosexual commitment ceremony because of their Christian convictions.  The high court in New Mexico refused to acknowledge that the photographers have a first amendment right to freedom of religion, and they have been ordered to pay more than $6,000 in legal fees to the gay woman who filed the discrimination case against them.  Some have argued that this is a clear step towards tyranny.  But as believers, we are reminded of the scripture that tells us it is no marvel that the world hates us (1John 3:13) because we belong to Christ. 


Today's Show: ENDURING SOUND DOCTRINE - 4.7.2014

 Chris discusses the warning of the Apostle Paul who foretold that the time would come when men would "not ENDURE sound doctrine."  Typically, when we think of endurance, we imagine athletes facing olympic trials -- perhaps runners trying to finish a race.  But what does it mean to endure sound doctrine?  In our time, we are watching church leaders and whole denomination capitulate to worldly ideas.  In particular, the subject of homosexual marriage and "gay Christianity" comes up again and again.  But does the church in America have the endurance necessary to be faithful to the commandments of God?  In another story, the Archbishop of Canterbury reports that for the Church of England to support gay marriage would be "catastrophic" for Christians in other parts of the world -- in particular, in Muslim countries where believers have been blamed for the actions of Western churches.


Today's Show: UKRAINE: BETWEEN THE TYRANTS - 4.4.2014

 Chris discusses the recent developments in the Ukrainian conflict, and the mainstream admissions that at least some of the radicals who took over the government are neo-Nazis.   While there are legitimate concerns about the old Soviet mentality of modern Russia, there are equally disquieting facts about the presence of National Socialism among those who support a Ukrainian/EU relationship.  In reality, Ukraine is a country that has been caught between tyrants and murderers since the second World War era.  In the 1930's the Ukrainian people suffered at the hands of Soviet Communism during which millions were killed by forced starvation under Joseph Stalin.  Then in the 1940's under the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, millions more were put to death as part of Hitler's extermination programs.  The bitter scars of its history continue to haunt this troubled part of the world today, as we consider the current conflict between Russia and the European Union. 


Today's Show: THE GNOSTIC NOAH - 4.2.2014

 Chris responds to several emails from listeners concerning the Gnostic influence in the new "Noah" movie, starring Russell Crowe.  The fact that overtly occult elements are the driving force of the film seems to have been overlooked by the Christian leaders who have given any supportive reviews of the work, even encouraging others to see it and suggesting that it presents the most important elements of the Biblical story -- i.e. God's judgment upon sin, etc.  Unfortunately, what it really does is present "God" (the Creator) as an evil being.  This has been noted by at least one professor of systematic theology who published an article (titled, "Sympathy for the Devil") on how some evangelical leaders have been deceived by these elements.  Chris also shows from the writings of 19th century occultist, Albert Pike how the very pagan influence of the ancient mystery beliefs are present in the new Noah movie.


Today's Show: THE ANONYMOUS CHRISTIAN - 3.31.2014

Chris discusses the historic influence of a twentieth century Jesuit theologian named Karl Rahner, who greatly influenced the philosophy behind Vatican Council II and is best known for his concept of the "anonymous Christian."  But exactly what is an anonymous Christian?  According to Rahner, it was someone who had no direct knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but was somehow saved through Christ ... without knowing it.  Is such an idea truly possible?  Or can it only be called rank heresy?  The Scripture tells us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  How could someone have saving faith in a teaching they have never heard?  While his name is certainly not well known among modern believers in America, Karl Rahner is said by some to be one of the most influential figures on modern theology, especially in the Church of Rome. 


Today's Show: NOAH, THE MOVIE: A REVIEW - 3.29.2014

 Chris gives his review of the newly released film, "Noah" starring Russell Crowe, directed by Darren Aronofsky who calls it "the most unbiblical, biblical film ever made."  The film was released just yesterday, and may be called the most anti-God and anti-humanity film ever made.  Its theme portrays God as heartless and needlessly cruel.  While clearly pointing out the sin of mankind, it ultimately suggests that man's love and compassion is greater than God's.  The story is presented as an environmentalist propaganda piece on overdrive.  Man's greatest evil seems to be that he has destroyed the environment.  Noah spends the last half hour of the film planning to murder his soon-to-be-born grandchild because he thinks "God" wants him to.  This is because all of mankind is so evil that everybody -- including Noah and his family -- need to be wiped out.  Noah's true purpose, we are told, was to save the innocent animals, watch the rest of humanity be destroyed, and then have himself and his family essentially commit suicide by refusing to have any more children.  In a world without men, nature would be better off.  Sadly, the Biblical message of the story of Noah -- one that shows how God's mercy triumphs over judgment (James 2:13) for those who believe -- is virtually absent.  Instead, we are given the impression that God is unreasonable, and so man should just follow his own heart.  


Today's Show: OBAMA, POPE, WORLD VISION & FOCOLARE - 3.27.2014

Chris discusses a series of new stories, nearly all of which pertain to the global drive to create a one world religion.  President Barack Obama arrived in Rome to meet for the first time in person with Pope Francis.  During his visit, the pontiff gave Obama a pair of medals inscribed with symbols of world unity -- but is there a hidden meaning?  Also, after a great outcry from evangelical leaders, World Vision has reversed its decision on gay marriage.  They admit to having made a mistake and acknowledge that while they intended to promote "unity" their announcement had the opposite effect.  Also, an interfaith gathering of 220 members from various religions met recently in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.  The members came from 31 nations, and were organized by the Focolare Movement -- a largely Roman Catholic organization present in 182 countries with approximately 2 million adherents.  The group is dedicated to uniting all the peoples of the earth, of every faith, and of no faith at all -- including atheists. 



Chris discusses a shocking new development in the homosexual movement, as it is now reported that one of the largest Christian charities on earth -- World Vision -- has declared that it will hire "gay Christians" in same-sex marriages.  WV President Richard Stearns says the decision is a symbol of Christian "unity" rather than compromise.  He also said the decision was not an "endorsement" of gay marriage.  But how could it be viewed otherwise?  World Vision took in more than a billion dollars last year and ranks among the top ten charities in the United States overall.  Should God fearing believers continue to support the organization?  What does the Scripture say about those who cause divisions contrary to the doctrines of the faith?


Today's Show: NOAH & THE PROGRESS OF EVIL - 3.25.2014

Chris discusses a recent journey to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, where the Genesis account of the Bible is clearly defended against the lies of Darwin and Evolution.  Part of the exhibit shows the decline of society due to undermining the authority of the Bible through evolutionary teaching.  Is this the key to understanding the progress of evil in our country?  Also discussed is the soon to be released film, "Noah" starring Russell Crowe, that has met with mixed reviews from the Christian community.  Some ministers are recommending the film, while others warn against it because of its great departures from the Biblical narrative.  While the film is not yet released, it is reported that the Hollywood version suggests that environmental dangers had more to do with God condemning the world rather than the wickedness of mankind (Genesis 6:5).  It is also said that the character of Noah is portrayed as a dark, maniacal, axe murderer rather than a righteous prophet of God.  Is Hollywood's consistent misrepresentation of the Bible merely a sign of the darkening times in which we live?  And what admonitions are we given in Scripture to encourage us in the face of growing rebellion against the Lord?



 Chris discusses a new story involving the Pope, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Islamic Grand Imam of Cairo, who are all working together to "eradicate slavery and human trafficking."  The three have launched an organization called Members of the Global Freedom Network and are determined to influence world governments, along with businesses and charities.  But as with every humanitarian effort launched by interfaith groups, there must always be confessions of faith.  Archbishop Welby issued a statement in which he said that different faiths were "being called into a deeper unity ... in the cause of the justice and righteousness of God."  But what "god" do they mean?  And while their efforts may lead to the end of human trafficking in some parts of the world, will they lead the souls of others into spiritual slavery through the lies of the ecumenical movement?


Today's Show: CRIMEA VOTES FOR RUSSIA - 3.17.2014

 Chris discusses the newest development in the Ukraine/Crimean conflict as the mostly Russian population of the Crimea have now voted to secede from the new Ukrainian government and seeks to join with Putin's Russia.  The voters in Crimea overwhelmingly approved the secession, yet it has been ruled illegitimate by the U.S. and European powers.  Is war on the horizon?  And are all these conflicts the fulfillment of the world's birth pangs foretold in the pages of prophecy?  Also discussed is the story of how John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have invited Pope Francis to come and speak to the U.S. Congress.  Is this a good idea for America? 


Today's Show: THE LOST GOSPELS? - 3.14.2014

 Chris continues his discussion on the Bible Hunters series from the BBC, examining some of the evidence from part two which covers the so-called "Lost Gospels."  What are these alleged gospels?  The documentary openly admits that they were created by the ancient Gnostics, yet fails to reveal that such groups were condemned by the New Testament writers, who called them "antichrists."  In the midst of their history of how the Bible changed through the 19th century, the series continues to show how Western society lost its faith in the Scriptures as the Word of God, and was given over to secular thinking.  Could this be an important clue for Christians in America today?


Today's Show: CARDINAL DOLAN & THE BIBLE HUNTERS - 3.12.2014

 Chris discusses a new story about Cardinal Timothy Dolan (the Archbishop of New York) who has now admitted that Pope Francis has opened the door to discussions about gay civil unions.  While the initial dialogue from the Pope was carefully managed by Vatican officials, and they cautioned anyone from reading too much into the pontiff's words, it appears that Dolan (who holds the most powerful Roman Catholic office in the United States) has made it clear that giving at least limited approval to homosexuality is what's in view.  Also discussed is a new BBC documentary called "The Bible Hunters" in which they discuss the history of the Bible.  Their explanation of what happened through the 19th and 20th centuries speaks volumes in terms of understanding how Western Civilization has progressed to its present condition.



 Chris discusses a story about how a global riot "epidemic" has swept the world in modern times.  The UK Guardian reports "a persistence and proliferation of civil unrest on a scale that has never been seen before in human history" which includes the most recent uprisings in the Ukraine.  The unrest is said to have impacted Venezuela, Bosnia, Ukraine, Iceland, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and elsewhere.  The cause is said to be because of rising food prices and reliance upon fossil fuels.  Could these issues impact the United States?  More importantly, are these troubles the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?  The Lord warned that toward the time of the end would be the distress of nations (Luke 21:25), and that men's hearts would fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth.  Yet believers are encouraged that when we see these things, we should know that the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand.



  Chris discusses the story of Pastor Ulf Ekman who recently announced to his non-denominational congregation that he and his wife had received a special revelation, and now claim that they have been compelled by God Himself to join the Roman Catholic Church.  Ekman gave an extended explanation for his conversion, including how he came to change his mind about Rome, recognizing that his negative views against her were based mostly on "prejudice."  He went on to say that "it was actually Jesus Christ who led us to unite with the Catholic Church."  Also discussed is an email from a listener whose Christian friends think she is focusing on "negative" information by being aware of deception in the church.  Does the Bible really admonish us to just focus on positive things?  Or are we commanded to avoid deception, and consider both the goodness and severity of God?



Chris discusses a new story about how Pope Francis has now indicated that the Church of Rome may embrace civil unions, while remaining vague about whether those unions would involve gay couples.  Yet in the United States, the civil union laws were merely a stepping stone to embracing gay marriage.  Is this the direction Francis is taking the Roman Church?  And what sort of impact could it have on true believers if the man who is seen by the secular world as the Vicar of Christ fully embraces homosexuality?  Could greater persecution against Bible believing Christians be the result?  Also discussed is a follow up story on the situation in Ukraine with an email from one of our listeners, along with a story about Pastor Scott Lively and his views on Vladimir Putin.  Finally, a new development shows that Pope Francis has been summoned to give an account for crimes against humanity.  Will this new charge from the International Common Law Court of Justice gain any real momentum? 


Today's Show: RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN & THE USA - 3.5.2014

Chris continues the discussion over the escalating conflict in the Ukraine, involving the interests of Russia, the United States and the European Union.  Are we being given the whole story in American media?  Was this conflict inspired by Western powers?  And what is the significance of China taking sides with the Russian government?  Also discussed is an ongoing struggle between China and Japan over the Senkaku Islands off the coast of Taiwan -- a conflict that some predict could lead to another world war.  How do these events parallel what was happening in the years prior to World War II?  And what should our response be as Christians?  Jesus warned that in the last days there would be wars and rumors of wars; that nation would rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.   Yet the Lord says, "... see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass ..." (Matthew 24:6)


Today's Show: UKRAINE, THE E.U., LGBT, FULLER - 3.4.2014

Chris discusses a series of stories currently in the news, beginning with the growing conflict in the Ukraine with the competing interests of Russia, the European Union, and the United States.  Some are predicting it could amount to another Cold War, while others have wondered if it is the beginning of World War III.  Part of Russia's resistance to the E.U.'s interest in the Ukraine has to do with the issue of homosexuality.  Meanwhile, the LGBT movement has gained momentum in the military and even at Fuller Theological Seminary, the largest multidenominational seminary in the world.


Today's Show: THE GREAT HARLOT - 2.28.2014

Chris discusses the warnings against the strange woman (in the attire of a harlot) of Proverbs chapter 7, comparing her with the great whore of Revelation 17.  Could they be related?  And are the sober warnings against having a relationship with this harlot of greater consequence than most modern believers imagine?  With the ecumenical movement advancing as never before, should Protestant Evangelicals be especially cautious about their dealings with the Church of Rome?   While we are being told that the papacy now agrees with the Gospel of grace, it is widely reported that the Vatican priesthood is filled with sexual deviants of every kind.  Even worse, they seem to give license to their immoral activities.  Could the scandalous activities of Rome be the prophetic manifestation of the abominations of Mystery Babylon?


Today's Show: SECRETS OF THE VATICAN - 2.27.2014

Chris discusses a Frontline documentary about the dark side of Vatican politics and culture.  Perhaps most disturbing is that in Rome there seems to be an obsession with homosexual practices in the Catholic priesthood.  Much of the modern gay rights movement can be traced to the activities of Jesuits in American society who have been advocates for gay marriage and for normalizing homosexuality in the Catholic Church.  But could the scandalous activities in Rome be the hidden influence behind what's happening in America?  And are these things the manifestation of prophetic warnings about the perilous times in the last days?


Today's Show: ROME & THE GRACE OF GOD - 2.26.2014

Chris continues his discussion of Bishop Tony Palmer, the man who recently presented an historic message from Pope Francis at Kenneth Copeland's church in Texas, calling for an end to Martin Luther's "protest" of 500 years past, and declaring that no such thing as "Protestantism" exists any longer.  The protest is supposedly over, because now (we are told) both the Vatican and Lutherans agree that salvation is by God's grace through faith.  In fact, Palmer even reads a message from the Vatican's own website that sounds as if it might have been penned by Luther, Calvin and all of the Reformers.  Yet he also tells us that no Protestant Evangelical has signed the agreement created by Rome and the Lutheran church.  But why?  Is it possible that the "grace" defined by Rome is quite different from what is described in the holy Scriptures?


Today's Show: PALMER, POPE & KENNETH COPELAND - 2.25.2014

Bishop Tony Palmer, who describes himself as a charismatic Catholic, recently spoke at Kenneth Copeland's church in Texas where he presented what he called a "historic message" from Pope Francis on video.  Palmer has apparently been supported by Copeland's ministry for many years, and admits that he began as an evangelical but then became a Catholic priest when he was called by Rome to serve the Vatican's interests during the time of Pope John Paul II.   Having served three popes, he says he met recently in Rome with the current pontiff to make a "covenant for unity" -- by which he intends to pursue the unification of Christian groups around the world.  To further this campaign in the United States, he says he came to Copeland's church where he could find the "big fishes" with their jets, their TV programs, and their mega-congregations to show this pre-recorded message from the Pope. 


Today's Show: MURMURING & COMPLAINING - 2.24.2014

Chris discusses the Biblical view of complaining and its destructive power in the life of a believer.  The book of Exodus details the journey of the children of Israel once God delivered them from the bondage of ancient Egypt.  While the Lord had done many mighty miracles which clearly demonstrated His power and faithfulness, the people fell into unbelief and discouragement once they encountered trials.   Chris unfolds a series of examples from the Scripture of how complaining fuels the fires of unbelief and can hinder (or possibly overthrow) a believer's walk of faith.


Today's Show: THE POPE, PASTOR & ENDING OF MARK - 2.21.2014

Chris discusses a new story about a Baptist pastor who claims he has a "crush" on Pope Francis because he has supposedly given a positive face to "Christianity" in the world today.  This pastor actually commends Francis for his stand against traditional Christian doctrine and in favor of new age, Socialist ideas.  Also discussed is new information concerning the last twelve verses of Mark and the debate over whether of not these verses should be considered inspired, and part of the original autographs of Scripture.  


Today's Show: THE MINISTRY OF ELIJAH - 2.19.2014

Chris continues his study of 1Kings and the steady progression of ancient Israel into apostasy. 
After the worship of the people was changed by Jeroboam, the kings themselves became worse
and worse, until the reign of Ahab and Jezebel.  The idolatry had become so normalized that it
was seen as a light thing for Ahab to worship Baal, as if there were no longer a fear of God.  Yet
through this time of greatest darkness, the Lord raised up the prophet Elijah to turn the hearts of
the people back to the Lord. 


Today's Show: OF MEN & ANGELS - 2.17.2014 

The Scripture tells us that if any man or an angel from heaven preaches any other Gospel, let them be accursed (Galatians 1:9).   Chris discusses the Biblical example of this from 1Kings where a man of God is turned aside by a lying prophet who claimed to have received an angelic message that contradicted the Word of the Lord.   The story provides a powerful lesson for believers today who are struggling to understand the times in which we live.


Today's Show: THE RISE OF JEROBOAM - 2.13.2014

Chris discusses the story of Jeroboam, the king of ancient Israel.  When Solomon disobeyed God by building temples to the pagan gods of his foreign wives, the Lord pronounced a judgment against him, and declared that He would give ten parts of the kingdom to his servant, Jeroboam.   While God gave him clear promises that, if he would obey the commandments of God, the Lord would establish his kingdom, Jeroboam allowed himself to be overcome with fear that the people would turn away from him and kill him.  As a result, he introduced an apostate system of idol worship in Israel and brought judgment upon himself and his household.  What lessons can we learn about responding to fear and rejecting the promises of God?


Today's Show: TEARING DOWN THE IDOLS - 2.10.2014

Chris contrasts the Biblical story of Gideon with that of King Josiah, showing how the knowledge of God led both men to throw down the idols that had corrupted the people of ancient Israel.  The first commandment to have no other gods before the Lord was obeyed first; and then God granted the great reforms and victories that followed.  Is this a picture of what needs to happen in our own country today?  How can believers confront the idols in the land of America?


Today's Show: CAMEL BONES OF CONTENTION - 2.6.2014

A new headline from Fox News reads: "Camel bones suggest error in Bible, archaeologists say."  The story then proceeds to tell us that new evidence discovered in the Middle East call into question the Biblical stories of Abraham, Joseph and Jacob because (they say) "camels weren't domesticated in Israel until centuries later."   The dating of the camel bones in question is based partly on "radiocarbon" dating methods -- but are such methods truly accurate?  What is the process?  What are the inconsistencies?  Chris also discusses the recently passed Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, during which Pope Francis declared that the denominational divisions in Christianity are a "scandal" and are contrary to the Bible.  But what does Rome mean by unity?


Today's Show: THE REFORMATION 2017 - 2.4.2014

Chris continues his discussion of the Neo-Reformed movement, considering the differences between what men like Luther and Calvin believed vs. their modern counterparts.  In just a few years will be the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the remembrance of when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the church door in Wittenburg on October 31, 1517.  A celebration is planned in the year 2017 -- that will include both the Vatican and Lutheran World Federation.  A report in Geneva by both parties is said to declare that "both were guilty of harming Christian unity in the past."  But what do they mean by unity?  And if Rome was then what she is today, would the original Reformers have had anything to do with this coming ecumenical event?


Today's Show: THE NEO-REFORMED MOVEMENT - 2.3.2014

Chris answers a question from one of our listeners about the neo-Reformed movement in the churches today.   Do modern Calvinists really follow the teachings of John Calvin?  Do those who claim to be on "reformation soil," truly adhere to what the original Reformers believed?  While many teachers would certainly agree with men like Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli on central doctrines, what are the key differences between them?  One of the primary issues is the understanding of prophecy, and how the warnings of Scripture impacted the lives of the saints during the Middle Ages. 


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